Portrait Curie, Meitner und Lamarr

(c) Reinhard Werner


A theater evening with round table and networking

Tuesday, 16th April 2024 starting at 18:20

Lise Meitner Hörsaal (1090 Wien, Boltzmanngasse 5)

We are very pleased to invite you to a unique evening at the Faculty of Physics, in which our lecture hall will turn into a theater stage.

Under the spotlight the lives of three great female scientists. In the words of the producers of the piece from portraittheater:

Radiation. Nuclear fission. Frequency leaps.
Three outstanding female pioneers exemplify the achievements of women in the technical and scientific field: Marie Curie, the two-time Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of radioactivity, the Austrian nuclear physicist Lise Meitner and the Austrian-born Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr, who developed the frequency hopping process. As different as they may have been in their life choices, their biographies unexpectedly show parallels. Their lives as women cannot be separated from their paths as seekers and researchers. Excerpts from their lives, successes and obstacles are interwoven in the play with the content of their research and their passion for what they do.

After the performance we will hold a roundtable of female physicists, in which the today relevant topics considering career, science, and gender will be discussed. The event will end with the opportunity to network with a glass of wine and some snacks. 

Program overview

18:00Doors open
18:20Welcome words

Theater: Curie_Meitner_Lamarr_UNTEILBAR

A co-production of portraittheater und Theater Drachengasse
Acting: Anita Zieher
Director: Sandra Schüddekopf

(In German)


Round Table


Bernadett Weinzierl
Univ. Prof., Aerosol Physics and Environmental Physics, Faculty of Physics

Anne-Catherine de la Hamette
PhD-student, Quantumoptics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information, Faculty of Physics 

Sarah McGregor
Physics Alumna, Robert Bosch AG, Austria

moderated by Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr



Networking with drinks and snacks

organized by STV Physik/ Roter Vektor


The event is free of charge!

Please register by 9.4.2024!

The venue is accessible barrier-free by arrangement. Please mark when registering if you need assistance!

Veranstaltung ausgebucht!

Please be aware that by participating you agree to follow the Code of Conduct and House Rules by the University of Vienna!

In case you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact brigitte.bischof@univie.ac.at

This event is organized by the Faculty of Physics Diversity Coordinator/ Dean's Office in cooperation with the Alumni Association of the Universit of Vienna, Physik Alumni  and Studierendenvertretung STV Physik/ Roter Vektor.

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