Diversity Coordinator


Mag.a Brigitte Bischof
Dean's Office, Faculty of Physics
Boltzmanngasse 5, Room 3E52, 1090 Wien
T +43-1-4277-51005 (Tue/Thu morning)

Office hours

Tuesday          10:00-12:00
Thursday         10:00-12:00
If possible, make an appointment by email, phone or in person during office hours.

Brigitte Bischof is the on-site contact person for your concerns regarding Gender Equality & Diversity.

The office hours listed above serve as a simple and accessible way to raise questions, concerns, complaints, or bring up challenges regarding workplace, teaching and learning culture at the faculty, how they are experienced, and where opportunities for improvement might lie. Also use these office hours to report incidents that violate the University's Code of Conduct, such as possible inappropriate behavior by faculty members or fellow students. In cases of harassment, counseling in the psychological sense cannot be provided, but general support and referrals to the appropriate university contact points can be offered.

In order to sustainably create a discrimination-free and diversity-friendly working and study environment for all faculty members, measures and strategies to improve equality and diversity on a structural level at the Faculty of Physics are being developed and implemented, e.g. in the form of networking opportunities, further training measures and awareness-raising and knowledge transfer on gender & diversity. Suggestions and inquiries are very welcome!


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