Open Office Day


Diversity Coordinator Brigitte Bischof invites

to an Open Office Day

Thursday, 27.6.2024



Dean's meeting room

(1090 Vienna, Boltzmanngasse 5, 3E51)


The office of the Diversity Coordinator opens its doors to offer an opportunity to get to know each other personally, to present the area of responsibility and activities and to encourage exchange and discussion.

There will always be a short input on the hour, with time for personal discussions in between over drinks and snacks, where individual questions and concerns can also be addressed. 


  • 10:00 Presentation of tasks and activities of the Diversity Coordinator
  • 11:00 Women Physicists in Vienna - in those days: Franziska Seidl (1892-1983) - Who was the physicist giving her name to the new women's promotion program at the University of Vienna?
  • 12:00 Brigitte Bischof in conversation with Clara Conrad-Billroth and Manuel Längle (former STVDocNawi)
  • 13:00 Planning and Preview of events in the coming semester


  • Report on previous activities and events
  • Information material from central institutions 
  • Leave a post: Contribute your ideas and concerns!


See you there!