Why study Physics?

Physics makes the world go around -- you can read such sound-bites on T-shirts worn by physics students everywhere. Well, it does not literally turn the Globe, but if you bring along a great deal of motivation, interest, and a declared will for hard work, physics will help you understand some of the most fundamental laws that explain what actually makes the world spin.

Studying physics means embarking onto an exciting trip of learning and personal development with the long-term goal of mastering some demanding mathematical, experimental and computer techniques; you will invest long hours of thinking about puzzles and physical problems, focus your mental power on them and develop the tenacity and creativity to find solutions to them. Studying Physics gives access to a fascinating world of intensive intellectual activity and training in development, design and operation of new scientific equipment and technologies, with the purpose of no less than unlocking the secrets of nature.

Why should you do this? Well, it might be due to the same sheer curiosity that has led humans to explore the outer space, stretching out to enormous distances, as well as the constituents of the atoms, narrowing down to tiny length scales. Or it might be for the profound pleasure of finding out how things work, and how rewarding it is to see yourself mature towards that goal every day, which is inherent in the intellectual adventure you will find in the research-centered education at our Faculty. You will find yourself engaged in a fruitful combination of acquiring knowledge, technical capabilities and personal skills at the same time. Graduating in physics will prepare you for both a future in academic research and for a host of professional opportunities outside of academia. Alumnae and alumni of our Faculty now hold positions in teaching physics, in research and management in industry, finance, insurance and banking, in engineering and health technologies and much more. A growing number of our graduates are also exploring start-up business opportunities.

At the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna, we strive to continue a long tradition of excellence, bestowed on us from such extraordinary physicists as Christian Doppler, Ludwig Boltzmann, Lise Meitner and Erwin Schrödinger, who worked or studied at our Faculty. We uphold this legacy by combining cutting-edge research at the forefront of modern physics with dedicated teaching and thus offer you a physics education at the highest international level.