Starting April 9, samples can now also be handed in on Fridays at the Faculty of Chemistry and at the UZA I.


Researchers at the University of Vienna have developed a method for controlled creation of imperfections into graphene at length scales approaching...


Researchers among others from the University of Vienna showed that nonlocality is a universal property of the world, regardless of how and at what...


Scientists have exploited DNA´s knot-forming and supercoiling capabilities, which habe potential applications in drug delivery and tissue...


Guido Falk von Rudorff and Anatole von Lilienfeld have shown how the concept of 4-dimensional alchemical chirality allows to break down the...


More than two hundred participants from 31 countries met together from May 10 to 12, 2021 in an online workshop on Nanoengineered Superconductors. The...


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