In their publication, the three researchers from the Faculty of Physics show how to efficiently and accurately implement hydrodynamic interactions for polymer solutions. The Editors of The Journal of Chemical Physics...


The research of Borivoje Dakic is centered on quantum foundations and quantum information theory.


Der Preis wurde von der Vorsitzenden des Fachausschusses Condensed Matter, Prof. Alberta Bonanni, überreicht.


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Stratigraphic records and inventories of anthropogenic 233U and 236U in Baltic Sea sediments


Phys. Rev. Lett.: Strömberg et al.

Demonstration of a Quantum Switch in a Sagnac Configuration


J. Alloy. Compd.: Arjmandabasi et al.

In-situ compression with acoustic emission detection of high pressure torsion deformed Cu38Zr54Al8 metallic glass micropillars