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Die, 30. Mai 17, 14:15

Andjelo Samsarov (Zagreb): Black hole quasinormal modes in twisted models of matter minimally coupled to gravity

Black hole perturbation is followed by a ringdown phase which is dominatedby quasinormal modes (QNM). These modes may provide key signature of thegravitational waves. The presence of a deformed spacetime structure may distort...

Mon, 29. Mai 17, 17:30

Ralph Claessen (Germany): Topological insulators go elemental

Vortrag im Rahmen des Wiener Physikalischen Kolloquiums

Topological insulators (TIs) are a new class of materials which due to intricate spin-orbit coupling effects are perfect insulators (at T=0K) in the bulk, while their...

Die, 23. Mai 17, 14:15

Yang-Hui He (London): Calabi-Yau Volumes and Reflexive Polytopes

We study various geometrical quantities for Calabi-Yau varieties realized as cones over Gorenstein Fano varieties, obtained as toric varieties from reflexive polytopes in various dimensions. We concentrate on reflexive polytopes...

Mon, 22. Mai 17, 16:00

Sun Yan (Germany): Surface Fermi arc states and bulk spin Hall effect in Weyl semimetals

Fermi arc is believed to be one of the most intrinsic proofs for the existence of Weyl semimetals. Our theory calculations in collaboration with ARPES measurement observed the tunable surface Fermi arcs on the surface of...

Don, 18. Mai 17, 16:30

Johannes Lachner (Wien): Slow anion beams in the spotlight of a green laser

The separation of rare trace isotopes from their isobars, i.e. atoms or molecules of very similar mass, is the major challenge of sensitive mass-spectrometric methods. The experimental setup at the Vienna Environmental Research...

Don, 18. Mai 17, 14:00

Stefan Hollands (Leipzig): Gravitational Memory, Information, and Black Holes

A burst of gravitational radiation passing through an arrangement of freely falling test masses far from the source will cause a permanent displacement of the masses, called the "gravitational memory". It has recently been found...

Die, 16. Mai 17, 17:30

Achille Giacometti (Venezia): The physics of the protein folding problem: a possible new perspective?

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Homopolymers are known to form a high temperature swollen (coil) phase and a low temperature phase globular phase. The glassy nature of their ground state stems from the...

Die, 16. Mai 17, 14:15

Anton Alekseev (Geneva): Path integrals for Wilson lines and Wilson surfaces

Wilson lines in gauge theory admit several path integral presentations based on the theory of coadjoint orbits. We will discuss an interpretation of these theories as 2-dimensional sigma-models using equivariant cohomology and...

Mon, 15. Mai 17, 17:00

Myungshik Kim (London): Single-boson level operations in quantum optics

Dirac writes that the mathematical structure of bosonic operations is one of the most fundamental results of quantum mechanics, which enables a unification of the wave and corpuscular theories of light. The technology to...

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