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Die, 17. Jän 17, 14:15

Pan Kessel (MPI Potsdam): Four-dimensional Vasiliev Theory: An Introduction

In this talk, I will give a lightning introduction to four-dimensional Vasiliev Theory which is a non-linear field theory containing massless gauge fields with spin greater than 2. I will review its basic formulation and sketch...

Mon, 16. Jän 17, 16:30

Dmitry Budker (UC Berkeley): Atomic and Diamond Magnetometry in the Lab, in the field and in the Sky

A lot is going on in the magnetometry field, with new techniques sprouting that allow ever-improving sensitivity and spatial resolution. While atomic-vapor magnetometers are the champions of sensitivity, one of the raves since...

Mon, 16. Jän 17, 13:00

Mieszko Rutkowski (Cracow): Lower bounds of collisional energy near Kerr black holes

The fact that collisional energy of two particles near Kerr black holes can be arbitrary high, has been broadly discussed in the literature in recent few years. However, it has also been noticed that this phenomenon is not...

Don, 12. Jän 17, 16:30

Felix Höflmayer (OREA): It is better to be vaguely right than exactly wrong.” (C. Read) Radiocarbon dating and Bronze Age chronologies in the eastern Mediterranean

Recent years have seen an increased interest and application of radiocarbon dating for absolute (calendrical) dating of Bronze Age chronologies of the eastern Mediterranean and ancient Near East. After intense debates about the...

Mon, 9. Jän 17, 17:30

Dirk R. Englund (MIT): Recent developments in the field of quantum photonics

Vortrag im Rahmen des Wiener Physikalischen Kolloquium

The field of quantum optics offers new ways to compute, communicate, and measure with quantum states. Recent advances in quantum control and semiconductor nanofabrication...

Don, 15. Dez 16, 16:30

Bernadett Weinzierl (Vienna): Global measurements of coarse mode aerosol – insights from recent aircraft field experiments

Although coarse-mode aerosol (>1 μm diameter), composed mainly of mineral dust and sea-salt, is highly abundant over large regions of the world, these particles form a particularly poorly understood and characterized subset of...

Don, 15. Dez 16, 14:00

Helmut Rumpf (Vienna): Lesser-known facts about Hawking radiation

The first fact I will discuss is that Hawking radiation is primarily not an effect ofblack-hole physics, or even General Relativity, but of a more general character that points towards a simple solution of the so-called black...

Die, 13. Dez 16, 17:30

Bernhard Lendl (TU Wien): Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Lasers as an Enabling Technology for the Realization of New Sensing Strategies for Gases, Liquids and Solids

The advent of miniaturized and room temperature operated Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) has triggered the development of new sensing schemes for the measurement of trace gases, liquids as well as solids. This presentation will...

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