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Don, 9. Mär 17, 14:00

Tim Paetz (Vienna): On the smoothness of the cylinder at spatial infinity in vacuum spacetimes

It is well-known that spatial infinity cannot be represented as a regular point due to blow-ups of the Weyl tensor whenever the ADM mass is non-zero. Because of this, the construction of vacuum spacetimes which admit a smooth...

Fre, 3. Mär 17, 09:00

Shut Up and Contemplate! Symposium

Das Shut up and Contemplate! Symposium ist eine öffentliche und kostenlose Veranstaltung, welche eine Verbindung zwischen der Naturwissenschaft und ihrem philosophischen und sozioökonomischen Kontext schaffen möchte. Acht...

Don, 2. Mär 17, 16:30

Clemens Walther (Germany): Resonant Laser-SNMS on actinides for spatially resolved ultra-trace analysis

Transport mechanisms of actinides in natural systems are of major relevance toevaluate their distribution in geological formations at contaminated areas and storage sites. The new resonant Laser-SNMS (Secondary Neutral Mass...

Don, 2. Mär 17, 14:00

Guillaume Idelon-Riton (Grenoble): On the scattering theory for the Dirac equation in the Schwarzschild-Anti-de Sitter space-time

I will first describe the Schwarzschild-Anti-de Sitter spacetime and the geometrical properties that makes it interesting to look at when studying hyperbolic equations. I will then present the Dirac equation in this spacetime and...

Don, 23. Feb 17, 17:00

Erwin Schrödinger Lecture - Mihalis Dafermos: On falling into black holes

The celebrated “black hole” spacetimes of Schwarzschild and Kerr play a central role in our current understanding of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Are these spacetimes stable, however, as solutions to the Einstein...

Mit, 22. Feb 17, 09:00

Fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation an der Fakultät für Physik

DoktorandInnen der Fakultät stellen ihre Dissertationsprojekte vor.

Mon, 20. Feb 17, 08:00

Workshop - Geometric Transport Equations in General Relativity, 20-24 Feber 2017

General Relativity and Kinetic theory constitute two generally independent and highly active fields of Mathematical Physics. Combining these two theories provides a relevant and realistic physical frame, in which many natural...

Don, 16. Feb 17, 11:00

Robert W. Peterson (USA): Quantum measurement and state transfer with optomechanical systems

The limits of optical measurement are set by the quantum nature of light. The familiar shot noise limit can be avoided by increasing the optical power, but at high enough powers, the radiation pressure of the randomly-arriving...

Don, 2. Feb 17, 12:21

Philipp Höhn (Vienna): Can chaos be observed in quantum gravity?

Full general relativity is almost certainly 'chaotic'. I will argue that this entails a notion of nonintegrability: a generic general relativistic model, at least when coupled to cosmologically interesting matter, is likely to...

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