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Mon, 26. Jun 17, 16:30

Z. Y. Jeff Ou (USA): Quantum Metrology with SU(1,1) Interferometers

We will discuss a new type of interferometers that employ nonlinear devices as beam splitters. A specific scheme with parametric amplifiers, the so called SU(1,1) interferometer, is implemented and is compared with a traditional...

Mon, 26. Jun 17, 16:00

Tobias Sander (Vienna): Ab-initio description of semiconductors and nanocrystals

Linear optical properties can be accurately calculated using the Bethe-Salpeter equation for the polarization function. After introducing a suitable product basis for the electron-hole pairs, the Bethe-Salpeter equation is...

Don, 22. Jun 17, 16:30

Davide Mazzotti (Italy): SCAR spectroscopy for radiocarbon measurements

Radiocarbon optical detection, based on infrared laser spectroscopy, was originally proposed long time ago [1]. About 30 years later, our research group developed a novel high-sensitivity spectroscopic technique, named...

Don, 22. Jun 17, 14:00

Manfried Faber (Vienna): About the influence of gravitational waves on circular moving topological solitons with long range interaction

The majority of physicists wants to quantize gravity. To unify gravity and particle physics there is another possibility, a geometrization of particle physics. We will present some ideas in this direction. I will give some short...

Die, 20. Jun 17, 17:30

Golta Khatibi (Vienna): Alternative accelerated qualification methods for electronic components

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

The rapid technological advancements and market demands in the electronic sector require application of highly accelerated, still practice relevant reliability...

Mon, 19. Jun 17, 17:00

Michèle Heurs (Germany): The dawning era of gravitational wave astronomy

The announcement of the first direct detection of gravitational waves (the merger of a binary black hole system) in February 2016 has heralded the new era of gravitational wave astronomy. It opens a new window to the universe,...

Mon, 19. Jun 17, 16:00

S. N. Klimin (Belgium): Electron-phonon interaction in SrTiO3

Strontium titanate is a unique material which exhibits interesting features which are not encountered in conventional polar crystals at the same conditions. It becomes a superconductor at unusually low carrier densities. This...

Die, 13. Jun 17, 17:30

Christina E. Lekka (Greece): Metal-graphene / carbon nanotubes hybrids by density functional theory

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Metallic nanostructures on graphene and Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) have attracted considerable attention due to their potential applications in electronic nanodevices,...

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