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Die, 16. Mai 17, 17:30

Achille Giacometti (Venezia): The physics of the protein folding problem: a possible new perspective?

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Homopolymers are known to form a high temperature swollen (coil) phase and a low temperature phase globular phase. The glassy nature of their ground state stems from the...

Die, 16. Mai 17, 14:15

Anton Alekseev (Geneva): Path integrals for Wilson lines and Wilson surfaces

Wilson lines in gauge theory admit several path integral presentations based on the theory of coadjoint orbits. We will discuss an interpretation of these theories as 2-dimensional sigma-models using equivariant cohomology and...

Mon, 15. Mai 17, 17:00

Myungshik Kim (London): Single-boson level operations in quantum optics

Dirac writes that the mathematical structure of bosonic operations is one of the most fundamental results of quantum mechanics, which enables a unification of the wave and corpuscular theories of light. The technology to...

Fre, 12. Mai 17, 14:15

Gino Isidori (Zürich): Low-energy hints of physics beyond the Standard Model (starts 14:15!)

Achtung, geänderte Beginnzeit: 14:15

New start time: 14:15

In the last few years a series of hints of deviations from the Standard  Model in B-meson decays have been reported by experiments.  I review these hints,...

Fre, 12. Mai 17, 13:00

Jose P. S. Lemos (Lisbon): Black hole entropy from matter entropy



Black hole entropy S is one of the most fascinating issues in contemporary physics, as one does not yet strictly know what are the degrees of freedom at the fundamental microlevel, nor where are they...

Don, 11. Mai 17, 14:00

Katharina Radermacher (Stockholm): Strong Cosmic Censorship and the initial singularity in Bianchi spacetimes

For given initial data to Einstein's field equations, one can find a spacetime solving these equations, and one can do so in a unique way (up to isometries) if one assumes the spacetime to be maximal globally hyperbolic. Both...

Die, 9. Mai 17, 14:15

Tristan McLoughlin (Dublin): Twistors and Conformal Higher-Spin Theory

Higher-spin fields can play an important role in effective field theories and increasingly are of interest due to their appearance in recent studies of holography. Understanding their interactions is however often involved and...

Don, 4. Mai 17, 16:30

Ernst Pernicka (Germany): Authentic and fake gold: Analytical investigations of archaeological gold finds

Gold was valued highly in all cultures and all periods and the associated symbolisms are also very similar. Its practical value, however, is rather low. Accordingly, gold was mainly used for ritual objects and as medium for...

Don, 4. Mai 17, 14:00

Robert Seiringer (ISTA): The excitation spectrum in a Bose fluid

Of particular relevance for an understanding of the low-temperature properties of a quantum system is the excitation spectrum. With the exception of exactly solvable models in one dimension, rigorous results on its structure are...

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