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Die, 3. Okt 17, 14:15

Jnanadeva Maharana (Indien): High energy behavior of scattering cross sections

There is a lot of interests in the theories in higher dimensional field theories.The research activities are spread over topics such as supersymmetry, supergravity and string theories. It has been argued, since Kaluza and Klein...

Mon, 2. Okt 17, 17:30

Sami Mitra (USA): Physics after the lab and the desk: Your work in PRL

Physics research takes place mostly at your desk, at the keyboard, in the lab. You communicate results through posters, talks, and papers -- leading to, hopefully, wide dissemination and recognition. The sequence entails...

Mon, 2. Okt 17, 15:00

Stephen P. Walburn (Brazil): Quantum-Enhanced Sensing from Hyper-Entanglement

Hyperentanglement — simultaneous entanglement between multiple degrees of freedom of two or more systems — has been used to enhance quantum information tasks such as quantum communication and photonic quantum computing. Here we...

Mon, 2. Okt 17, 14:00

Paulo Henrique Souto Ribeiro (Brazil): Experimental Study of Quantum Thermodynamics with Classical Light

The so called classical light beams are light fields under certain conditions that they can be fully described without Quantum Theories. Despite the classical description, they can be used to emulate quantum systems when one is...

Mon, 18. Sep 17, 15:00

Sabine Wölk (Austria): Quantum enhanced reinforcement learning

The past decade has seen the parallel advance of two research areas—quantum computation and artificial intelligence — from abstract theory to practical applications and commercial use. Despite this seemingly simultaneous...

Don, 14. Sep 17, 09:00

Interscience - First Symposium of the Vienna Doctoral Schools

First interdisciplinary symposium of the Vienna Doctoral Schools from September 14-15, 2017

Science is currently undergoing major dynamic changes that are driven by technological development. Every technological leap opens new...

Die, 5. Sep 17, 09:00

David Miro Fajman (Vienna): Nonvacuum dynamics in General Relativity



The study of Einstein’s vacuum field equations as an evolutionary system has during the last 25 years dramatically increased our understanding of the structure of spacetimes - particularly with respect to the...

Mon, 4. Sep 17, 15:30

Juan A. Valiente Kroon (London): Conformal geometry and spinors in General Relativity



General Relativity is a continuous source of vigorous research spanning Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics. The detailed understanding of the consequences of this theory requires a systematic study of the solutions...

Mon, 4. Sep 17, 14:00

Stephen R. Green (Waterloo, ON): Investigations of Gravitational Dynamics


My research program aims to uncover the full scope of dynamics in general relativity. In many cases, perturbations of stationary background spacetimes quickly damp away due to propagation of gravitational waves to...

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