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Mon, 11. Dez 17, 17:30

Pablo Debenedetti (USA): Computational Investigation of the Liquid-Liquid Transition in Deeply Supercooled Water

Supercooled water exhibits numerous anomalies in its thermodynamic properties. The existence of a metastable phase transition between two liquid phases has been proposed as a thermodynamically-consistent interpretation [Poole et...

Don, 16. Nov 17, 11:30

Alexander Sergienko (USA): Quantum Simulation of Complex Physical Hamiltonians using Directionally Unbiased Linear-Optical Multiports

The rapidly expanding research activity on quantum computing is ultimately an outgrowth of the profound Feynman’s observation that only quantum systems are capable to efficiently simulate other quantum systems [1]. The goal of...

Don, 9. Nov 17, 11:30

Alexia Auffèves (France): Rebuilding quantum thermodynamics on quantum measurement

Thermodynamics relies on randomness. In classical thermodynamics, the coupling to a thermal bath induces stochastic fluctuations on the system considered: Thermodynamic irreversibility stems from such fluctuations [1], which also...

Die, 7. Nov 17, 14:00

Barak Dayan (Israel): Passive and deterministic photon-atom gates

Single-photon Raman interaction (SPRINT) is a passive, interference-based effect that creates a deterministic coupling between single photons and a 3-level quantum emitter such as a single atom. As recently demonstrated [1,2],...

Die, 24. Okt 17, 14:00

Cedric Troessaert (Potsdam): BMS4 at spatial infinity

A few years ago Strominger argued that the BMS4 algebra, usually defined atnull infinity, should be regarded as a true symmetry of gravitational evolutionof asymptotically flat space‐times. This implies the existence of an...

Mon, 23. Okt 17, 17:00

Boltzmann Lecture - Lisa Randall (USA): The Nature of Dark Matter

Vortrag im Rahmen der Boltzmann Lecture

I will discuss possibilities for dark matter, focusing on my recent work on how astronomical measurements can give insights into dark matter's interactions.


Don, 19. Okt 17, 16:30

Dan Berkovits (Israel): Physics at the Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility

The Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility (SARAF) is under construction inIsrael. When completed, SARAF will be a user facility for basic and applied nuclear physics, based on a 40 MeV, 5 mA CW proton/deuteron...

Don, 19. Okt 17, 14:00

Florian Steininger (Vienna): Exoplanets and general relativity

The first confirmation of the theory of general relativity was given by the perihelion precession of the planet mercury in our own solar system. In recent decades, we have expanded our scope to many new extra‐solar planetary...

Die, 17. Okt 17, 19:00

Bernadett Weinzierl (Vienna): Aerosolpartikel - kleine Teilchen mit großer Wirkung

Umwelt im Gespräch ist eine öffentliche Veranstaltung des Forschungsverbundes Umwelt der Universität Wien in Kooperation mit dem Naturhistorischen Museum Wien.

Im Anschluß an den Einführungsvortrag durch Fr. Prof. Bernadett...

Die, 17. Okt 17, 16:15

Christopher T. Sachrajda (Southampton): How to obtain physical resuits from lattice QCD simulations

2. Vorlesung im Rahmen der "Schrödinger-Gastprofessur 2017"

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