Winning entries of the image competition "Countdown to 2021"


We thank everyone who contributed to the countdown and congratulate the winners Margaret Rosenberg, Flavio del Santo, Heena Inani and Valeria Saggio!

It is a pleasure to announce the most inspirational images and most informative synopses of a dissertation project, selected from the contributions to the image competition "Countdown to 2021 - end the year with science"!

With her contribution "Polydisperse Platelets- Isotropic Phase" (1), Margaret Rosenberg (Computational and Soft Matter Physics, supervised by Sofia Kantorovich) has won the first place and was therefore awarded EUR 500.00.

With his contribution "One thousand and one nights of quantum foundations" (2), Flavio Del Santo (IQOQI Vienna, supervised by Caslav Brukner) has won the second place and was therefore awarded EUR 300.00.

With their contributions "Art of making nanopores in 2D materials" (3a) and "Learn with light" (3b), Heena Inani (Physics of Nanostructured Materials, supervised by Jani Kotakoski) and Valeria Saggio (Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information, supervised by Philip Walther) have won the third place and share the prize of EUR 200.00.

1: © Margaret Rosenberg; 2: © Flavio Del Santo; 3a: © Heena Inani; 3b: © Valeria Saggio