The Faculty of Physics congratulates Cesare Franchini on his promotion to full professor


Cesare Franchini from the research group “Computational Materials Physics” has been appointed full professor for Quantum Materials Modelling.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Cesare Franchini

Quantum modelling of materials using first principles computational methods:

The research work of the group of Cesare Franchini is concerned with the theoretical understanding and computational modelling of quantum materials (bulk and surfaces) using first principles methods. Quantum materials are systems with many interacting degrees of freedom (lattice, spin and electron orbital) that represent a rich platform for the discovery of novel electronic and magnetic phases with fundamental and applicative interest. Specific topics include: Metal-insulator transitions, Polaron physics (electron-phonon interactions), non-collinear spin orderings, topological Dirac/Weyl phases, multiferroism and superconductivity; number of publications: ~100, h-index: 28.

About Cesare Franchini:

Born 1975 in Modena, Italy


1999            MSc in Physics, University of Cagliari (Italy)
2002            PhD in Physics, Technical University of Vienna (Austria)

Current Position

2017-           Full Professor “Quantum Materials Modelling”, University of Vienna

Career History

2002-2004   Postdoc, University of Cagliari, Italy
2004-2007   Postdoc, University of Vienna, Austria
2007-2012   University Assistant, University of Vienna, Austria
2012-2014   Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), University of Vienna
2013            Parental Leave
2013            National Scientific Habilitation in Theoretical physics of matter, Italy
2014-2017   Associate Professor, University of Vienna

Honors and Awards

2010            Young International Scientist Fellowship, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2015            Outstanding Referee for the journals of the American Physical Society

2017            Shield of honor, Abbottabad University, Pakistan

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