Publication by Caslav Brukner in the Top 50 Physics Articles of Nature Communications


'Bell’s theorem for temporal order' by Časlav Brukner from the Faculty of Physics and the IQOQI-Vienna - together with his alumni Magdalena Zych, Fabio Costa and Igor Pikovski - is one of the top 50 read Nature Communications physics articles in 2019.

The full lists of Top physics 50 articles in Nature Communications can be found here: the article was regarded as highly valuable by the research community itself by being among the upper 25 most read articles in physics. The journal published more than 5,500 papers in 2019, so the article's position is a great achievement.

In this work, a team of researchers from the University of Vienna, the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as the University of Queensland (AUS) and the Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) have combined the key elements of the theories of quantum mechanics and gravity to discover that temporal order between events can exhibit genuine quantum features. Combining the theories of quantum mechanics and gravity is one of the main modern challenges of physics.

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"Bell’s theorem for temporal order", M. Zych, F. Costa, I. Pikovski, and Č. Brukner, Nature Communications 10, 3772 (2019)

Symbolic implementation of quantum temporal order with two federation spaceships performing a shooting exercise near a planet, ending up with a superposition of the planet in two places and of either ship being destroyed. This is a superposition of two different temporal orders, a genuinely quantum mechanical feature.