New Book by Harold Steinacker


Cambridge University Press has published the new book by Harold Steinacker, titled 'Quantum Geometry, Matrix Theory, and Gravity'

Building on mathematical structures familiar from quantum mechanics, this book provides an introduction to quantization in a broad context, and develops a physics-oriented framework for quantum geometry. This framework is applied to Matrix Theory, which is defined through distinguished matrix models related to string theory, leading to a quantum theory for space-time and matter. A mechanism for gravity is discussed, which emerges within Matrix Theory as a quantum effect on quantum space-time. Using explicit examples and exercises, readers will develop a physical intuition for the mathematical concepts and mechanisms. It will benefit advanced students and researchers in theoretical and mathematical physics, and provides a useful resource for physicists and mathematicians interested in the geometrical aspects of quantization.

Cover of Quantum Geometry, Matrix Theory, and Gravity © Cambridge Univ. Press