Dr. Sebastian Knauer receives NFFA-Europe Research Infrastructure grant


The newly awarded NFFA-EU research grant will allow Dr. Knauer (AG Nanomagnetism and Magnonics) and one student (D. Schmoll) to build the next generation of all integrated universal Yttrium-Iron-Garnet circuits in the project UNI-YIG.

This grant opens the access to the unique methods and technologies NFFA-EU has to offer. Added to Dr. Knauer’s current MSCA fellowship, it will surely help his contribution to the fast-developing field of integrated and hybrid opto-magnonic quantum systems.

More information can be obtained from the AG Nanomagnetism and Magnonics

© Dr Knauer (Team leader) and Mr. Schmoll (Team member) forming the team for the project UNI-YIG.