Vincentas Mulevicius (Vienna): Internal Levin-Wen models

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2022 14:00

Ort: TU Wien Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8. Sem.R. DB gelb 03

In this talk we will discuss (2+1)-dimensional topological phases of matter. In particular we will recall how they arise as degenerate ground states of lattice systems having a gapped Hamiltonian.

Examples of this are the Kitaev toric code, based on a lattice of spin-1/2 particles, as well as its generalisations - the Kitaev lattice model based on Hopf algebras, and the Levin-Wen model based on fusion categories.

The focus of this talk is going to be a construction allowing one to engineer a new topological order out of anyonic excitations of a given one.

This construction is an analogue of the aforementioned lattice models and is best described using a universal language of topologcial quantum field theories with defects, which we will also recall.

Foto: Joseph Krpelan