Thorsten Hüffer (Vienna): Micro- and nanoplastics in the environment – lessons learnt and concerns to be scrutinized

Dienstag, 01. Juni 2021 17:30

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Both the versatility and durability of plastics makes it a commonly used material but causes growing environmental problems and concerns. Plastic debris is persistent, mobile, and ubiquitous in terrestrial and aquatic environments, including urban, rural, and remote locations. Despite the broad management strategies and ambitious commitments currently set by governments to reduce plastic waste, to improve waste management, and to increase environmental recovery, the annual emissions are expected to reach up to 53 million metric tons by 2030. Research efforts in the field of environmental plastic pollution has grown tremendously, yet our mechanistic understanding of the fate and behavior of micro- and nanoplastics in environmental systems remain limited.

This talk will address the current challenges and open questions regarding the fate and exposure assessment of micro- and nanoplastics and how lessons learnt from two decades of research into engineered nanoparticle exposure assessment help to identify the most pressing research priorities. It will also discuss the recurrently raised concern that micro- and nanoplastics act as vector for organic contaminants in the aquatic and terrestrial environment.