Nick Kaiser (Paris): The History of Gravitational Lensing in Cosmology

Montag, 18. Juli 2022 15:00

Zoom Meeting:

passcode: 423692

In this talk I describe the highlights of the development of gravitational lensing in cosmology. I start with Newton, who understood light deflection but didn't get cosmology right, and the trail, with some false starts, to Einstein's calculation of light bending by the Sun in GR. I describe application to, and puzzling early results from, quasar-galaxy associations and galaxy-galaxy lensing and how Tyson's group's pioneering measurement of distortion of the "cosmic wallpaper" by clusters of galaxies triggered the development of weak lensing. Finally, I recount the puzzling story of whether the emergence of cosmological structure introduces a bias in apparent distances and hence in cosmological parameter estimation.

Foto: Barbara Mair