Martin Beneke (München): QED effects in rare B meson decays

Dienstag, 19. Jänner 2021 16:00

Zoom Meeting: Anfrage Dr. Simon Plätzer

The exponentiation of soft photon radiation is a classic result of QED, but for QED effects of objects with structure a more general approach is required. In this seminar I discuss how modern methods of effective field theory and factorization (more familiar for the strong interaction) result in a systematic treatment of QED effects in decays of B mesons to a lepton pair, or a pair of light mesons, including the summation of large logarithms.

On top of adding precision, QED offers surprises: for B -> mu mu, the QED correction is enhanced in heavy-quark power counting, and reveals that the process is no longer a pure annihilation decay.

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