Leonie Einfalt (Vienna): Dark portals at direct detection

Dienstag, 26. Jänner 2021 16:00

Zoom Meeting: Anfrage Dr. Simon Plätzer

Despite intense efforts in the experimental frontier, determining the nature of dark matter remains to be one of the unsolved problems in the 21st century. Among the ways to search for dark matter, direct detection experiments are an important avenue. In the context of direct detection, we explore scenarios where a dark matter particle interacts with Standard Model particles via two mediators. Both vector and scalar mediators, as well as mixtures thereof, are considered with one mediator being heavier than the other one in all cases. Adding a second mediator to the dark matter - Standard Model interaction leads to interference terms in the cross sections. We investigate novel signatures emerging from such complex phenomenology in the form of the shape of differential recoil spectra and exclusion limits at current and future low-threshold dark matter direct detection experiments.

The seminars start at 16:15 but the meetings will be open already at 16:00. The link will be provided via email by Simon Plätzer (simon.plaetzer@univie.ac.at)