Filippo Fedi (Barcelona): PhD - what next? Sensors research and development in industry

Mittwoch, 27. Jänner 2021 16:10

Zoom Meeting: Anfrage Dr. ChristianeM Losert-Valiente Kroon

VDSP alumnus Dr. Filippo Fedi will give a short overview on his academic background, current professional role and his personal experience and perspective on the transition from basic science to a job outside academia.

During his studies, Dr. Filippo Fedi focused on nanotechnology. Under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Pichler he achieved a PhD in solid state physics employing spectroscopic techniques to study the behaviour of materials during the gas sensing. In his research fellowship in the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the former VDSP student vice-speaker developed, together with his colleagues, a prototype of biodegradable battery made with graphene and gelatin. In his last project at the Austrian Institute of Technology, he was responsible of a groundbreaking "Internet of Things (IoT)" project: an electronic nose. Currently, he is a R&D engineer at Bioconservacion, in Barcelona. His main professional activities are developing IoT products and project managment.