Dmitri Vassilevich (Brazil): Anomalies, Boundaries, and Boundary States

Dienstag, 07. November 2023 14:00

Ort: TU Wien Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8, 3rd floor, Sem. R. DB gelb 03

Quantum anomalies on manifolds with boundaries naturally have boundary contributions.
In CFTs, these contributions are responsible for boundary central charges, while in the condensed matter applications they define anomalous Hall conductivity of the boundary, for example.
In this talk, I will describe the main properties of boundary anomalies and the methods of computations.
I will show, that in some cases the anomalies on manifolds with boundaries are totally defined by anomalies in effective boundary theories. (This phenomenon is called the anomaly inflow.)
I will conclude with a discussion of the relations between anomalies and boundary states.