VitreaLab listed as Forbes spin-off to watch 2021


A start-up, co-founded by a graduate of the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics, was listed as a "spin-off to watch" by Forbes Magazine.

VitreaLab, a University of Vienna spin-off, was listed on the DACH "spin-offs to watch" list of Forbes Magazine in February 2021. VitreaLab was founded in 2018 by Chiara Greganti and Jonas Zeuner, both alumni of the University of Vienna. VitreaLab is a photonic start-up envisioned to revolutionize the display market. VitreaLab's quantum technology can be applied in next-generation displays, holographic display and telecommunications.

We congratulate VitreaLab to their achievements and wish them great success for future endeavors!

© Chiara Greganti and Jonas Zeuner