The Faculty of Physics congratulates Wilfried Schranz on his promotion to full professor


Wilfried Schranz from the research group “Physics of Functional Materials” has been appointed full professor for Solid State Physics.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schranz

Mesoscopic phenomena at structural phase transitions:

The research work of the group of Wilfried Schranz is concerned with the experimental investigation and theoretical understanding of “universal” microstructures such as twins and domain walls, phase boundaries, etc. which occur as a result of symmetry breaking near structural phase transitions.

Specific topics include: Polar properties of domain walls in non-polar materials, Segmental front line dynamics of randomly pinned ferroelastic domain walls, Avalanche dynamics in slowly compressed nano-porous materials, Multiferroic domain walls, etc.

About Wilfried Schranz:

Born 1960 in Oberwart, Austria


1986           MSc in Physics, University of Vienna

1988           PhD in Physics, University of Vienna

1994           Habilitation for Solid State Physics, University of Vienna

1997          appointment as  Ao. Univ.-Prof. at the Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

Current Position

2019-           Full Professor “Solid State Physics”, University of Vienna

Further information: