Tenure Track Professorship for Karin Hain


The strongly interdisciplinary research of Karin Hain aims at identifying the dispersion pathways of long-lived radioisotopes which have been released into the environment by mankind. Suitable radioisotopes are to be used as markers to study the important effects of climate change.

The detection of anthropogenic radioisotopes at lowest-level environmental concentrations requires the ultra-sensitive technique of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) which is available at the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator (VERA). Further development of this powerful method in combination with the world-unique ILIAMS instrumentation (Ion Laser InterAction Mass Spectrometry) at VERA allows to widen Karin Hain‘s research to yet unprecedented applications in the field of environmental sciences. Besides the reconstruction and in-depth understanding of environmental mass transport, e.g. ocean currents, radioisotope data is essential for long-term risk assessment and secure nuclear waste storage.

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