Roberto Cerbino appointed Associate Editor of the journal Soft Matter and awarded RSC fellowship


The Royal Society of Chemistry awarded a fellowship to Prof. Cerbino, who also assumed the position of Associate Editor at the journal Soft Matter, highlighting his significant contributions to the field of soft matter physics.

We are pleased to announce that our faculty member Roberto Cerbino, Professor of Experimental Soft Matter Physics, was recently appointed as an Associate Editor for the journal Soft Matter, followed by the award of a fellowship by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

These recognitions underscore the contributions of Prof. Cerbino, who joined the Faculty in 2021, to soft matter science. Prof. Cerbino leads a research group that is focused on the study of the structure, dynamics, rheology, and instabilities of active and passive complex fluids, with a distinct emphasis on non-equilibrium phenomena in colloidal and cellular collectives.

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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Roberto Cerbino
Experimental Soft Matter Physics
Computational and Soft Matter Physics

Announcement of the Soft Matter Journal about Prof. Cerbino’s appointment

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