New doc.funds project on the design of hybrid materials


Early stage researchers can as of now apply for fully funded doctoral positions at the University of Vienna to pursue experimental and computational research on the structural, mechanical, electronic and magnetic properties of hybrid materials.

The doctoral programme "Advanced Functional Materials (DCAFM)" [] is looking for eleven new doctoral students for the doc.funds project "Hierarchical Design of Hybrid Systems (HiDHyS)" [], which was recently approved by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and is headed by Prof. Christoph Dellago.

HiDHyS focuses on the design of hybrid materials and their structural, mechanical, electronic and magnetic properties. The particular strength of the funded project lies in the close interaction of experimental and computational approaches to study the three specific classes of hybrid materials: van der Waals heterostructures, carbon nanomaterials and macromolecular aggregates. As a result, young researchers acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills in the field of modern high-performance materials. This is rounded off by a diverse network and training programme, which also funds longer research stays at foreign partner.

The doctoral positions are embedded in the "Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDSP)" [] and the doctoral training at the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry of the University of Vienna. Candidates with comprehensive knowledge in physics, materials science or chemistry and with an interests in intradisciplinary research projects are invited to submit their application via the online application system of the VDSP [] until 28 May 2020. The successful applicants will be employed at the University of Vienna for four years and are expected to start their work in October 2020.

At the meeting of its decision board in March 2020, the FWF approved a total of four doc.funds projects to support doctoral students with a total funding volume of 7.7 million euros [].