Marthe Vogt Award for Dr. Vittoria Sposini


Dr. Vittoria Sposini receives the Marthe Vogt Award of the Forschungsverbund Berlin for her outstanding doctoral thesis "The random diffusivity approach for diffusion in heterogeneous systems".

Vittoria Sposini made use of both analytical calculations and simulations to address the properties of diffusion beyond Brownian motion and study what is referred to as “Brownian yet non-Gaussian diffusion”. She obtained her PhD in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Potsdam and the University of the Basque Country, respecitvely, under the supervision of Prof. Ralf Metzler and Dr. Gianni Pagnini. Vittoria is now a Marie Curie REWIRE Fellow at the University of Vienna working in the group of Computational and Soft Matter Physics with Prof. Christos Likos. In her current research she plans to take advantage of the results achieved during her PhD on non-Gaussianity in heterogeneous systems in order to shed some new light on the slow dynamics typical of systems approaching the glass transition, focusing in particular on soft matter systems.

More on the Marthe Vogt Award — It commemorates German pharmacologist Marthe Louise Vogt (1903–2003), whose research made a significant contribution to our understanding of neurotransmitters in the brain, and especially ephedrine. The prize is given to young female scientists in recognition of outstanding doctoral theses in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg in fields in which the Forschungsverbund Berlin conducts research, e.g. information and communication technology, structure research, optoelectronics and laser research, microsystems technology, new materials, applied mathematics, molecular medicine and biology, veterinary medicine, biotechnology and environmental research.


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