Fritz Kohlrausch Award 2020 for Karin Hain


Karin Hain from the Isotope Physics group received the Fritz Kohlrausch Award for experimental physics funded by the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG) at the joint annual meeting of the ÖPG and SPS (Swiss Physical Society).

The prize honours an excellent scientific paper or a series of thematically closely related papers from all parts of experimental physics. Karin Hain was awarded for the world’s first measurement of the 233U/236U isotopic ratio in environmental reservoirs, and its application for tracing environmental transport processes e.g. ocean currents. It was shown that this isotope ratio is a novel fingerprint for distinguishing anthropogenic emissions from nuclear industry and nuclear weapons fallout. The study was conducted in collaboration with scientists from Denmark, Germany and Japan and published in the renowned journal Nature Communications.

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