Falling Walls 2022 Winners


Congratulations to Prof. Philip Walther and PhD student Joshua Salazar for being among the Falling Walls Awardees 2022 in the categories "Science Breakthrough: Engineering and Technology" and "Engage" (Science Engagement)!

Philip Walther, professor in the Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information group, and his colleague Roberto Osellame from the Italian National Research Council (CNR) were awarded in the category "Engineering and Technology" for their work on the photonic quantum memristor - a new quantum device that can act as a fundamental building block for quantum-enhanced artificial intelligence applications based on neural networks.

Falling Walls entry and video of P. Walther and R. Osellame explaining their research


Joshua Salazar is a PhD student in the Physics of Functional Materials group. He was awarded in the category "Engage" (Science Engagement) for project OfflinePedia: open-source computers built out of old TVs and packed with offline versions of Wikipedia, thousands of free ebooks and other encyclopaedic and academic content to complement science communication activities in remote rural areas without access to the internet.

Falling Walls project page for Offlinepedia


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Philip Walther (© Barbara Mair) and Joshua Salazar (© Desiree Boehm, Falling Walls Foundation GmbH)