Alfred-Wehrl award 2020/21


This year’s Alfred-Wehrl award goes to Ines Ruffa and Liam Urban for their outstanding Master theses. Congratulations!

The Alfred-Wehrl award 2020/21 goes to Ines Ruffa for her Master thesis “Colour-Flow Evolution at Next-to-leading Order” and  Liam Urban for his Master thesis entitled “Blow-up Phenomena on Friedman-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker spacetimes”.

Alfred Wehrl was a Viennese mathematical physicist with great intuition and precision. In the late 70s, he introduced a new notion of entropy, which is now named after him. To commemorate his scientific legacy, his wife Dr. Brigitte Wehrl-Nowotny and his friend and colleague Prof. Elliott Lieb established the Alfred-Wehrl award in 1998. It is awarded for outstanding Master and Diploma students in mathematical or theoretical physics.

© Liam Urban (left) and Ines Ruffa (right)