14 new doctoral schools starting at the University of Vienna


At universities all over Europe, doctoral schools have proven successful in offering the best possible support to doctoral candidates by providing an appropriate framework for their doctoral education. This autumn, 14 new doctoral schools will start operations at the University of Vienna, with more to follow.

"The new doctoral schools correspond to international standards and meet the highest quality criteria," says Jean-Robert Tyran, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs at the University of Vienna. Based on an increase in funding for the doctoral programmes in combination with a fundamentally reformed structure, the doctoral schools enable independent academic research and adhere to the principle of education through research. "Graduates of the doctoral schools are actively involved in the international academic community and have gained experience in working independently. This qualifies them for their future professional careers, either inside or outside universities," Jean-Robert Tyran explains.

Peer culture and international exchange
Doctoral candidates participating in the University’s doctoral schools have the opportunity to complete special courses and acquire knowledge of the latest methods and techniques, discuss their own research in detail in seminars and enjoy the open exchange with supervisors and other doctoral candidates. Workshops, seminars, research excursions, retreats and summer schools contribute to a lively and international peer culture.

The Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDSP) provides a comprehensive infrastructure to support all PhD students of the Faculty of Physics in developing into creative, critical, self-motivated, courageous young researchers.

The VDSP is formed by and for the student community as a platform that facilitates a transdisciplinary dialogue between young researchers, their supervisors and the (inter)national science community by encouraging international mobility, creating networking opportunities and fostering individual career development."

Links: https://doktorat.univie.ac.at/doktoratunivie/

This autumn, 14 new doctoral schools will start operations at the University of Vienna. (©derknopfdruecker)