Peter Maurer (Chicago): Quantum Sensing: Probing biological systems in a new light

Montag, 14. Juni 2021 17:00

Zoom Meeting:

Meeting-ID: 927 2978 1190

Kenncode: v7vRY0

Quantum optics has had a profound impact on precision measurements, and recently enabled probing various physical quantities, such as magnetic fields and temperature, with nanoscale spatial resolution. In my talk, I will discuss the development and application of novel quantum metrological technologies that enable the study of biological systems in a new regime. I will start with a general introduction to quantum sensing, with a focus on the measurement of magnetic fields at a nanoscale. I will then show how we utilize such sensing techniques to control the temperature profile in living systems with subcellular resolution. Finally, I will provide an outlook on how quantum sensing and single-molecule biophysics can be utilized to perform NMR spectroscopy with unprecedented sensitivity, possibly down to the level of individual biomolecules.



Foto: Barbara Mair