Philipp Haslinger (TU Wien): Probing the forces of gravity, blackbody radiation and dark energy with matter waves

Monday, 24 June 2019, 16:30

Venue: Main Lecture Hall at TU Wien, Atominstitut, Stadionallee 2, 1020 Vienna

Atom interferometry has proven within the last decades its surprising versatility to sense with high precision tiniest forces. In this talk I will give an overview of our recent work using an optical cavity enhanced atom interferometer to sense with gravitational strength for fifths forces1,2 and for an on the first-place counterintuitive inertial property of blackbody radiation3.

[1]  P. Hamilton, M. Jaffe, P. Haslinger, et al., Atom-interferometry constraints on dark energy, Science. 349 (2015) 849–851.

[2]  M. Jaffe, P. Haslinger, V. Xu, et al. Testing sub-gravitational forces on atoms from a miniature, in-vacuum source mass, Nat. Phys. 13 (2017) 938–942.

[3]  P. Haslinger, M. Jaffe, V. Xu, et al., Attractive force on atoms due to blackbody radiation, Nat. Phys. 14 (2018) 257–260.




Atominstitut, Stadionallee 2, 1020 Wien