Francesco Sartini (Lyon): Hidden symmetries in cosmology and black holes

Dienstag, 29. November 2022 14:00

Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 961 2851 5992

Password: s7BX7Pvp

Cosmological models and black holes belong to classes of space-time metrics defined in terms of a finite number of degrees of freedom, for which the Einstein-Hilbert action reduces to a one-dimensional mechanical model. We investigate their classical symmetries and the algebra of the corresponding Noether charges. These dynamical symmetries have a geometric interpretation, not in terms of spacetime geometry, but in terms of motion on the field space. Moreover, they interplay with the fiducial scales, introduced to regulate the homogenous model, suggesting a relationship with the boundary symmetries of the full theory.
Finally, the existence of these symmetries unravels new aspects of the physics of black holes and cosmology. It opens the way towards a rigorous group quantization of the reduced models, to the study of their holographic properties. It might have significant consequences on the propagation of test fields and the corresponding perturbation theory.

Foto: Barbara Mair