Further information for Outgoing students

There are a number of ways to gain international experience while studying physics at the University of Vienna. A list of mobility programmes can be found here.

The Erasmus programme alone offers our Faculty’s physics students 30 study places in 8 different countries to facilitate the important first step towards internationality. For a complete list (in German), please click here.

For general questions on all mobility programmes, please contact the International Office. We kindly ask you to carefully read all information on their website before contacting them. The Faculty of Physics’ Mobility Coordinator will be happy to answer any study-specific questions you may have.


Some (non-exhaustive!) information on how to apply for an Erasmus programme:

  • The earliest time students can study abroad as part of an Erasmus programme is during the third semester of their studies.
  • Students have to provide proof of their language proficiency already at the time of application, i. e. at least a few days before the respective application deadline. The specific requirements can be found here (in German).
  • In the main application round for Erasmus programmes (at the start of each summer semester), places for the following winter semester, summer semester and for the full academic year are assigned. Remaining places for the summer semester of the starting academic year will be allocated during the second application round (late summer/early autumn). You should contact the International Office and the Faculty's mobility coordinator at least six months before the deadline for the main application round.
  • Recommended procedure for an Erasmus application:
    After having read all information on the website of the International Office, write down all your remaining questions and contact the International Office to get the information you need. Also inform your departmental coordinator of your plans by email. The actual application is made online (by uploading files). After submitting the online application, please send an email to your departmental coordinator indicating at which host universities (at least 2) you would like to study (please order them according to your preferences) and attach your current transcript of records and your language certificate (pdf files).

    If there are several applicants for one study place, you might unfortunately be placed on a waiting list. Based on the transcript of records, numerical values are determined according to the following formula:

    Sum of all marks/sum of completed ECTS

    The lower the numerical value, the higher the chance of obtaining the desired study place.
  • Selection criteria of the departmental coordinator are:
    a) Academic performance and progress
    b) Language certificate
  • Tip: There is fierce competition for study places at universities in English speaking countries. Please think of a reasonable alternative in advance. Nowadays you don’t have to have lived in Great Britain to speak English very well. Have the courage to learn a new language! Besides, Erasmus is far more than just a specialised language course.
  • In order to avoid that someone is left without an Erasmus place at the end of the main application round, the coordinators usually try to make an Erasmus stay possible nevertheless (e. g. in case of a not sufficiently high ranking according to the transcript of records). However, the allocation of an alternative place often fails due to the lack of a language certificate for the alternative place. Please inform your departmental coordinator beforehand of any potential alternatives if you are concerned regarding your marks. And have the courage to learn a new language BEFORE it is too late!