Basic Experimental Physics Training and University Didactics

The Basic Experimental Physics Training and Didactics Group is responsible for basic experimental physics education and also deals with scientific aspects of learning and teaching physics, collaborating closely with the Austrian Educational Competence Centre Physics (AECCP) and the Workshop and Technical Services group.

As one of the main tasks, the group does research-based science education for students in the teacher accreditation programme of physics. Moreover, introductory courses in experimental physics are designed, organised, and developed for students of the bachelor degree programme and other science programmes. The group members also offer their expertise to science educators at all levels.

Our goal is to help students create an appropriate understanding of physics concepts and working methods as well as underlining the scientific and societal importance of physics. Current topics of physics and science education research are combined, also taking into account the philosophy of science. Physics education and learning are continuously improved, integrating current educational research results.

Additionally, the group also takes care of the Historical Collection of the Faculty of Physics.

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