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Public relations

The outreach activities of the Faculty of Physics encompass a broad range of arrangements that aim to interact with the general public as well as particularly interested groups. A variety of activities is offered in different settings during the whole academic year to guarantee a continuous, exciting program that attracts a broad audience of different ages and levels of education.

The outreach activities introduced in the following are coordinated by the working team for public relations of the Faculty of Physics. Its members are Ilse Bartosch, Kerstin Hummer, Christiane M. Losert-Valiente Kroon (currently on leave), Clemens Nagel, Christian Rentenberger, Erhard Schafler, and Peter Steier.


Current activities

... interested potential future students of physics get information about characteristics, chances and career opportunities. At the faculty they can attend a trial lecture and lab course to try out what being a student feels like.

... a series of fascinating talks for students in Viennese high schools.

... special activities for women, aimed at sparking their interest in natural sciences.

Vienna Children's University
... science and research are introduced to children aged 7 to 12. Two weeks in July the children can ask questions, perform experiments and share their curiosity with scientists.

... support for students participating in the physics competition AYPT with experiments related to the tournament problems.

generation innovation
...traineeships, financed by BM:VIT, during the summer holidays. Every summer, research groups at the Faculty of Physics offer opportunities for several high school students to gain experience in science literacy.

... initiated by the Children's Office of the university, UniClub offers high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to get informally in contact with higher education.

Guided tours @ VERA
... visit the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator.

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