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Don, 27. Okt 16, 14:00

Christopher Hilweg (Vienna): Testing the quantum and gravity interface with single photons

Quantum theory and general relativity are considered the two pillars of modern physics. Their predictions are verified with spectacular precision on scales covering several orders of magnitude. Despite their success in describing...

Die, 25. Okt 16, 14:15

Enrico Brehm (Germany): Classical Holographic Codes

I present toy models for the AdS/CFT correspondence that model essential features such as the Ryu-Takayanagi formula and bulk reconstruction properties. Recently Quantum Error Correcting Codes (QECC) were shown to fall into this...

Die, 18. Okt 16, 16:15

Maximilian Löschner (Vienna): On-shell conditions in theories with flavor mixing

In this talk, I will present a derivation of the on-shell renormalization conditions in theories where mixing among different particle flavors or families can not be neglected.This subject is already important for precision...

Die, 18. Okt 16, 14:15

Andrea Campoleoni (ULB Brussels): Higher-spin theories from a Hamiltonian viewpoint

After an introduction to Fronsdal’s description of the dynamics of free particles of spin greater than two, we show how one can recast the action principle in Hamiltonian form.Following an approach developed by Regge and...

Don, 13. Okt 16, 14:00

Markus Arndt (Vienna): Quantum Optics with Molecules and Nanoparticles: Opportunities and open debates around gravity physics and cosmology

I will review the state of the art in atom and macromolecule interferometry to stimulate discussions on quantum physics, gravity and cosmology. A large part of the talk will be dedicated to open questions the correct answers to...

Die, 11. Okt 16, 16:15

Moritz Preißer (Vienna): Top Quark Mass Calibration for Monte-Carlo Event Generators

The lack of knowledge how the top quark mass parameter in Monte-Carlo event generators (MCs) is related to field theoretically defined mass schemes limits the theoretical interpretation of very precise top quark mass...

Die, 11. Okt 16, 14:15

Iva Lovrekovic (TU Vienna): Conformal gravity in four dimensions

One of the very interesting theories of gravity today is conformal gravity.It introduces an issue which is existence of ghosts, however, as higher derivative gravity, it resolves the issue of two loop non-renormalizability in...

Mon, 10. Okt 16, 11:15

Andreas Eberlein (USA): Fermi surface reconstruction and drop of Hall number due to spiral antiferromagnetism in high-Tc cuprates

We show that a Fermi surface reconstruction due to spiral antiferromagnetic order may explain the rapid change in the Hall number as recently observed near optimal doping in cuprate superconductors [Badoux et al., Nature 531, 210...

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