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Mon, 28. Nov 16, 17:00

Alexander Urich (Germany): Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography for Clinical Applications

Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) is a novel biomedical imaging technology that utilizes the photoacoustic effect to visualize and quantify anatomical, functional and molecular information, in vivo, in deep tissue and...

Don, 24. Nov 16, 16:30

Martin Fally (Vienna): Diffractive optics for slow neutrons

In recent years considerable effort has been devoted to design and develop neutron diffractive optical elements (nDOE) for slow – i. e. cold and very cold – neutrons [1-3].Progress was obtained by testing new materials [4],...

Don, 24. Nov 16, 14:00

Daniel Grumiller (TU Vienna): Soft Heisenberg hair

The notion of "soft hair" refers to zero energy excitations in the near horizon region of black holes or cosmologies, advocated by Hawking, Perry and Strominger.I review recent results on soft hair in three spacetime...

Die, 22. Nov 16, 14:15

Maja Buric (Belgrade University): Noncommutative spaces and differential geometry

In the first part of the talk we will discuss the notion of noncommutative spaces from a physicist's point of view: coherent states, symmetries, differential geometry, gravity and the classical limit.In the second part of the...

Mon, 21. Nov 16, 16:30

Carsten Klempt (Hannover): Quantum atom optics with spinor Bose-Einstein condensates

The creation of coherent particle pairs provides a basic method to generate highly nonclassical quantum states. In optics, photon pairs can be created by optical parametric down-conversion, allowing for a large variety of...

Don, 17. Nov 16, 16:30

Sabine Kraushaar (Vienna): Detection of dead ice in the proglacial with hydro-chemical tracers - Implications for geomorphological process studies and natural hazard assessment

The Gepatschferner glacier in the Upper Kaunertal valley is one of the fastest-melting glaciers in the Eastern Alps. With a retreat rate of around 100 meters per year in the last years unconsolidated sediments of steep lateral...

Don, 17. Nov 16, 14:00

Stefan Fredenhagen (Vienna): Challenges in higher spins

Higher-spin gauge theories provide interesting, highly symmetric extensions of gravity. The only known interacting higher-spin gauge theories are the so-called Vasiliev theories. I will give an introduction to these theories and...

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