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Die, 31. Mai 16, 16:15

Pawel Moskal (Krakau): Studies of discrete symmetries and quantum entanglement using Jagiellonian Positron Emission Tomograph

The Jagiellonian Positron Emission Tomograph (J-PET) was constructed as a prototype of the costeffective scanner for the simultaneous metabolic imaging of the whole human body.The J-PET is the first positron emission tomography...

Die, 31. Mai 16, 14:15

Timon Salar Gutleb (Vienna): The IKKT model and its relation to D=10 super-Yang-Mills and stringtheorie

The intention of this talk is to give an introduction to the IKKT matrix model and itsconnection to SYM gauge theories as well as String Theory. Our main focus will bederiving the IKKT action from the Nambu–Goto action for the...

Mon, 30. Mai 16, 16:30

Maria Chekhova (Erlangen): Optical harmonic generation from squeezed vacuum

Squeezed vacuum, a state of light at the output of an unseeded optical parametric amplifier, manifests many interesting quantum features such as quadrature squeezing and photon-number correlations, up to the violation of certain...

Mon, 30. Mai 16, 16:00

Jacques Tempere (Belgium): Polaron physics with quantum gases

The polaron concept was introduced in the context of electrons in a polar medium. The electron distorts the surrounding polar medium through the electron-phonon coupling, and the resulting quasiparticle acquires a larger...

Mit, 25. Mai 16, 13:00

S. Fred Singer and Kenneth A. Haapala (USA): A Discussion on Climate Change

S. Fred SingerClimate is affected by both human and natural factors, with scientists arguing on both sides -- IPCC vs NIPCC.IPCC has used the 'Hotspot' [1996] and the 'Hockeystick' [2001] arguments in support of Global Warming;I...

Die, 24. Mai 16, 17:30

Helga Lichtenegger (Vienna): Bio-resorbable Mg implants and their impact on bone structure and mineralization

Biodegradable bone implant materials are considered a great promise for future medical treatment, since they dissolve in the body and should be fully replaced by healthy bone tissue with time. In contrast to conventional static...

Die, 24. Mai 16, 16:15

Jürgen Reuter (Desy, Hamburg): Confusions in Cascades - Disentangling New Physics in searches at the LHC

Motivated by the paradigm of the WIMP miracle of cold dark matter, new physics beyond the Standard Model should be endowed by a discrete symmetry that explains the existence of a neutral stable particle making up the dark matter...

Die, 24. Mai 16, 14:15

Akifumi Sako (Tokyo): Noncommutative Kähler manifolds and field theory

Noncommutative Kähler manifolds are constructed by using a deformation quantization, and classical gauge theories on them are studied. At first, pedagogical introduction to the deformation quantization is given. It includes the...

Mon, 23. Mai 16, 16:00

Arash Nikoubashman (Germany): Self-Assembly of Janus Colloids under Flow

The self-assembly of amphiphilic Janus colloids under flow was studied using hybrid molecular dynamics simulations with fully resolved hydrodynamic interactions incorporated through the multi-particle collision dynamics...

Don, 19. Mai 16, 16:30

Eileen Langegger (ENS): A visit to Fukushima

The Tohoku earthquake, the Fukushima Daiichi Accident and its consequences has had a heavy influence on the environment surrounding the area of Fukushima.This talk will give a brief overview of the accident, will introduce...

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