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Die, 22. Mär 16, 09:00

27th Colloquium on Fatigue Mechanisms 2016, 22. - 23. March

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Don, 17. Mär 16, 16:30

Gero Vogl (Vienna): Österreichs Abhängigkeit von Stromimporten fünf Jahre nach Fukushima

Die Abhängigkeit Österreichs von Stromimporten soll unter Berücksichtigung folgender Punkte diskutiert werden:• Blick nach Europa• Klima• Aus welchen Quellen decken wir Österreicher unseren Strombedarf und wie hoch ist er?•...

Don, 17. Mär 16, 14:00

Vince Moncrief (Yale University): Euclidean-Signature Semi-Classical Methods for Quantum Cosmology

We show how certain microlocal analysis methods, already well-developed for the study of conventional Schrödinger eigenvalue problems, can be extended to apply to the (minisuperspace) Wheeler-DeWitt equation for the quantized...

Mit, 16. Mär 16, 15:15

Ganpati Ramanath (USA): Out-of-the-box discovery and design of molecularly-tailored bulk thermoelectric nanomaterials and thin film heterointerfaces

Realizing novel nanomaterials and heterointerfaces with control over electrical, thermal and mechanical properties is crucial for many applications such as electronics and energy harvesting. The first part of my talk will discuss...

Mon, 14. Mär 16, 16:30

Corinna Kollath (Uni Bonn): Dynamics of ultracold interacting quantum gases

Atomic gases cooled to Nanokelvin temperatures are a new exciting tool to study a broad range of quantum phenomena. In particular, an outstanding and rapid control over the fundamental parameters, such as interaction strength,...

Don, 10. Mär 16, 16:30

Harry Friedmann (Vienna): Natural Occurring Radioactive Material for Building (NORM4BUILDING)

Every year millions of tons of material with an enhanced concentration of natural radioactivity are produced as residues or wastes by industrial processes, being usually deposited more or less secure somewhere in the environment....

Don, 10. Mär 16, 14:00

Ellery Ames (Gothenburg): A Numerical Study of Axisymmetric Stationary Solutions to the Einstein-Vlasov System

The Einstein-Vlasov system describes a large collection of collissionless particles interacting via the mean gravitational field, where gravity is modeled by general relativity. Here we present numerical solutions of these...

Die, 8. Mär 16, 17:30

Dominik Eder (TU Wien): Interfacial dynamics and synergistic effects in nanocarbon-inorganic hybrid photocatalysts

Vortrag zur Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Hybridising nanocarbon materials, i.e. CNTs and graphene, with active inorganic nanomaterials constitutes a powerful strategy towards designing new-generation functional materials...

Die, 8. Mär 16, 16:15

Thomas Becher (Univ. Bern): An Effective Theory for Jet Processes

Processes involving narrow jets receive perturbative corrections enhanced bylogarithms of the jet opening angle and the ratio of the energies inside andoutside the jets. In my talk I’ll present a new effective field theory which...

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