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Don, 28. Jän 16, 16:30

Toni Schulz (Vienna): The short-lived 182Hf-182W chronometer as a window into early solar system formation

During the last decade W isotopes have proven particularly useful as chronometer for several key stages of early solar system evolution. Even though the rare p-process isotope 180W in meteorites might contribute to our...

Die, 26. Jän 16, 13:00

Helmuth Urbantke (Wien): Hopfions

I will discuss a family of topologically non-trivial linearized gravitational field configurations based on the Robinson congruence.

Mon, 25. Jän 16, 16:30

Sergej Kulik (Moscow): Nonlinear spectroscopy of linear media

Spectral measurements in the infrared (IR) optical range provide unique fingerprints of materials which are useful for material analysis, environmental sensing, and health diagnostics. Current IR spectroscopy techniques require...

Mon, 25. Jän 16, 12:30

Bobby Beig (Wien): A generalization of the concept of mass due to Hermann and Humbert

Hermann and Humbert define a concept of mass associated with a class of 2nd order partial differential operators, which can be viewed as a generalized ADM mass and for which they prove a number of interesting properties.

Fre, 22. Jän 16, 13:00

Birgit Schörkhuber (Wien): Stable blowup for wave equations with focusing nonlinearity

In this talk I will present recent results on blowup for wave equations with focusing power nonlinearities in odd space dimensions d \geq 3. It will be shown that in all criticality regimes open sets of radial initial data can be...

Don, 21. Jän 16, 14:00

Jörg Schmiedmayer (TU Wien): Probing non equilibrium quantum fields with cold atoms

Ultra cold quantum gases are an ideal system to probe many body physics andquantum fields.In this talk I will give an overview of the different possibilities and what we were able to learn about many body systems and their...

Mit, 20. Jän 16, 13:30

Stefan Fredenhagen (Germany): On higher-spin gauge theories

I first give an introduction to higher-spin gauge theories. I will discuss the free theory, and the difficulties that arise when one tries to introduce interactions and how they can be overcome. Finally I discuss asymptotic...

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