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Fre, 29. Mai 15, 13:00

Lorenzo Mazzieri (Pisa): Some rigidity results for static metrics

Abstract:We present a new approach to the study of asymptotically flat static metrics in general relativity. Our method works in every dimension and it is based on a conformal splitting technique, which has been previously...

Don, 28. Mai 15, 14:00

Emma Jakobsson (Stockholm): Visualizing Limits of Spacetimes

Abstract: The limit obtained when letting a free parameter of a spacetime approach a certain value is in general not unique, but depends on the choice of coordinates. This ambiguity led Geroch to formulate a definition of limits...

Don, 21. Mai 15, 14:00

Daniel Grumiller (TU Wien): How general is holography?

Abstract:The holographic principle was originally motivated by the desire to reconcile black hole evaporation with unitarity and found a concrete implementation in AdS/CFT. However, the way AdS/CFT works makes it logically...

Don, 21. Mai 15, 11:00

Peter Michor (Vienna): On the space of Riemannian metrics of finite Sobolev order on a compact manifold

Achtung, der Vortrag wurde in das Besprechungszimmer im 9. Stock verlegt!

Abstract: For a compact manifold M, we consider the space of Met Hk (M) of Riemannian metrics on of Sobolev order Hk for k > dim (M) / 2. We consider...

Die, 19. Mai 15, 19:30

Stefan W. Hell (Heidelberg): Boltzmann Lecture 2015 - Optical microscopy: the resolution revolution

Throughout the 20th century it was widely accepted that a light microscope relying on conventional optical lenses cannot discern details that are much finer than about half the wavelength of light (200-400 nm), due to...

Die, 19. Mai 15, 16:15

Bastian Kubis (Univ. Bonn, HISKP): The pi^0 and eta transition form factors: hadronic contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon

Abstract:Hadronic light-by-light scattering is going to be the next stumbling Block to improve on the theoretical prediction for the anomalous magnetic Moment of the muon. Its most sizeable individual contributions are determined...

Die, 12. Mai 15, 17:30

Anne Kasper-Giebl (TU Wien): Das Sonnblick Observatorium als Plattform für Aerosol- und Depositionsmessungen

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Das Sonnblick Observatorium in 3105 m Seehöhe in den Hohen Tauern stellt eine einzigartige hoch-alpine Messstation zur Bestimmung der Hintergrundbelastung mit gas- und...

Die, 12. Mai 15, 16:15

Xavier Garcia Tormo (ITP Bern): Resummation for transverse thrust with Effective Field Theories

Abstract:We will describe the hadron-collider event shape called transverse thrust within the framework of Soft Collinear Effective Theory. We present a factorized expression for the cross section in the dijet limit, that allows...

Mon, 11. Mai 15, 16:30

Christian Degen (ETH Zurich): Nanoscale Quantum Sensing with Single Spins in Diamond

Diamond has emerged as a unique material for a variety of applications, both because it is very robust and because it has defects with interesting properties. One of these defects, the nitrogen-vacancy center, has a single spin...

Fre, 8. Mai 15, 10:30

Andreas Zöttl (TU Berlin): Active particles in confinement and in Poiseuille flow

AbstractActive particles such as microorganisms or active Janus colloids are self-driven units which move autonomously by converting energy into directed movement. In contrast to the physics of passive particles the motion of...

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