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Don, 26. Mär 15, 16:30

Mebus Geyh (Marburg): Climate Change in Deserts and the Role of CO2

Impressive climate changes between the glaciers of the Alps and the deserts of the Namib (Namibia), the Atacama (Chile) and the Thar (Pakistan) since the last 500 000 years raise the question whether they have been caused by the...

Don, 26. Mär 15, 14:00

Jacek Jezierski (Warszawa): Hidden symmetries in General Relativity

Conformal Yano-Killing (CYK) tensors are natural generalizations of conformal covector fields to the case of higher-rank differential forms. They are often responsible for hidden symmetries. Several spacetimes possess CYK...

Don, 26. Mär 15, 11:00

Robert Beig (Vienna): A mathematical introduction to elasticity

Vortrag im Rahmen des Seminars in Geometric Analysis and Physics (GAP Seminar)

Mit, 25. Mär 15, 15:15

Florian Spieckermann (Vienna): Strain bursts in creep experiments of polyethylene with sub-nanometer resolution

The dominant plastic deformation mechanism in polymer crystals is crystallographic slip. Still the question of the involved strain carriers is not fully solved. Recent investigations using Multiple X-ray Line Profiles Analysis...

Mit, 25. Mär 15, 14:00

Jan-Hendrik Prinz (Berlin): OpenPathSampling: Towards enhanced path sampling with Python, OpenMM and Markov State Models

In the last decade, Molecular modeling and simulation has matured into an established tool to study the static and especially dynamical properties of biomolecules. Although access to computational power and resources are...

Die, 24. Mär 15, 14:15

Juraj Tekel (Univ. Bratislava): Phases of fuzzy field theories

We will discuss history and recent developments in the study of the phase structure of noncommutative scalar fields. Apart from the usual disorder and uniform order phases, the theory exhibits a third phase, which survives the...

Mon, 23. Mär 15, 16:00

Dieter Schwanzer (TU Wien): Static and dynamic properties of two-dimensional systems with competing interactions

In contrast to atomic materials, soft matter systems show a wide range of particle interactions that can be easily modified, for instance by changing the solvent or its salt concentration and pH value. Using these measures, the...

Fre, 20. Mär 15, 09:36

Sonnenfinsternis live

Ab 9:36, 10:45 (70%), bis 11:57.


Don, 19. Mär 15, 14:00

Romain Gicquaud (Tours): Solutions of the conformal constraint equations with non-constant mean curvature

Constructing broad classes of (physically relevant) initial data for the Cauchy problem is an important issue in general relativity. From the Gauss and Codazzi equations, the 0th order initial data (the metric induced on a Cauchy...

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