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Mon, 29. Jun 15, 13:00

Natascha Riahi (Vienna): Unimodular quantum cosmology

Abstract:I will discuss the steps of quantization of a simple cosmological model. Startingwith the unimodular version of General Relativity the result will be an evolvingwave function. There is no need for the commonly used...

Fre, 26. Jun 15, 08:50

Fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation der Fakultät für Physik

DoktorandInnen der Fakultät stellen ihre Dissertationsprojekte vor.

Don, 25. Jun 15, 16:30

Mariaelena Fedi (Italy): Ten (+1) years of 14C-AMS at INFN-LABEC, Florence

In 2004, thanks to the well-established expertise in application of nuclear techniques to the study of Cultural Heritage and exploiting the funding for a new tandem accelerator, the group of nuclear applied physicists in Florence...

Don, 25. Jun 15, 14:00

Laszlo Szabados (Budapest): A positive Bondi--type mass in asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes

ABSTRACT:A Bondi-type mass, associated with a cut of the conformal boundary of asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes is suggested. This is based on the integral of the Nester-Witten 2-form and the Witten-type positivity argument on...

Die, 23. Jun 15, 17:30

Jan K. G. Dhont (Jülich): Rod-like Colloids in External Electric Fields

Vortrag im Rahmen der Chemisch-Physikalischen Gesellschaft

Electric fields can induce interactions between charged colloids that lead to the formation of new phases and dynamical states. In this presentation, the phase/state...

Die, 23. Jun 15, 14:15

Clemens Kerschbaumer (Univ. Wien): Irreducible representations of the symmetric group

Abstract:In this talk we will discuss representations of the symmetric group. Before focusing on S(n), we will revisit elementary properties of representation theory of finite groups in general and then continue to restrict...

Mon, 22. Jun 15, 17:30

Phil Bucksbaum (Stanford University USA): Investigating ultrafast dynamics in atoms and molecules with strong short wavelength coherent radiation

The time scale for internal motion in atoms and small molecules is determined by their Angstrom sizes and Rydberg binding energies to be femtoseconds or shorter. The binding fields for the outermost electrons are tens of volts...

Mon, 22. Jun 15, 16:00

Jan K. G. Dhont (Jülich): The “shear-gradient concentration coupling instability”: non-uniform flow of sheared hard-sphere glasses.

There are several types of shear-induced instabilities in soft-matter systems. The microscopic origin of some well-known instabilities will be shortly addressed. A shear-induced instability that is not yet understood is the...

Mon, 22. Jun 15, 13:00

Patryk Mach (Cracow): Relativistic Bondi-Michel accretion: global vs. homoclinic solutions

Abstract:A spherically symmetric accretion model introduced by Bondi in 1952 belongs to classical textbook models of theoretical astrophysics. Its general relativistic version is due to Michel, who considered spherically...

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