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Fre, 18. Dez 15, 16:15

Fedele Lizzi (University of Naples): Nocommutative Geometry, Spectral Action and the Higgs

A pedagogical introduction to the noncommutative geomentry from the spectral point of view, and its applications to the standard model of fundamental interactions will be given. I will discuss how the SM can be seen as a...

Don, 17. Dez 15, 14:00

Martin Taylor (Cambridge, UK): Global Nonlinear Stability of Minkowski Space for the Massless Einstein--Vlasov System

Massless collisionless matter is described in general relativity by the massless Einstein–Vlasov system. I will present a proof that for smooth asymptotically flat Cauchy data for this system which is sufficiently close, in a...

Don, 17. Dez 15, 11:30

Jörg Kärger (Germany): Diffusion in Nanoporen: Modellbetrachtungen zu einem allgegenwärtigen Phänomen in Natur, Technik und Gesellschaft

Der Diffusion, d.h. der Zufallsbewegung von Objekten, kann man in den unterschiedlichsten Gebieten begegnen. Einer der besonderen Reize solcher allgegenwärtigen Erscheinungen besteht darin, dass sich Szenarien, die in einem...

Die, 15. Dez 15, 16:15

Catalina Curceanu (LNF-INFN, Frascati): Search for the violation of Pauli Exclusion principle for electrons and implications in particle physics

We are experimentally investigating the possible violations of standard quantum mechanics predictions for electrons in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory in Italy. In this talk very recent results of the experimental tests of...

Mon, 14. Dez 15, 16:30

Mukund Vengalattore (Cornell University): Quantum measurement backaction: From single atoms to optomechanical systems

The act of measurement has profound consequences on a quantum system. I will describe our studies on measurement-induced dynamics of an ultracold lattice gas. Using a nondestructive imaging technique that preserves the quantum...

Don, 10. Dez 15, 14:00

David Fajman (Vienna): On topology and mass in 2+1 gravity

The Einstein flow with vanishing cosmological constant is known to be sensitive to the spatial topology of the spacetime. It is generally believed that initial data with positive curvature has a maximal development which is...

Mon, 7. Dez 15, 17:30

Udo Seifert (Uni Stuttgart): Stochastic thermodynamics: From principles to the cost of precision

Stochastic thermodynamics provides a framework for describing a large class of small driven systems. Examples are colloidal particles in time-dependent optical traps, single bio-molecules manipulated by optical tweezers or AFM...

Don, 3. Dez 15, 16:30

Shawn Bishop (TU München): Discovery of Supernova-produced 60Fe in the Earth’s Fossil Record

Approximately 1.8 to 2.8 Myr before the present our planet was subjected to the debris of a supernova explosion. The terrestrial proxy for this event was the discovery of live atoms of 60Fe in a deep-sea ferromanganese crust [1]....

Don, 3. Dez 15, 14:00

Istvan Racz (Budapest): The many faces of the constraints in general relativity

In this talk the constraint equations for smooth spaces satisfying Einstein's equations will be considered. It is shown that, regardless whether the primary space is Riemannian or Lorentzian, the constraints can always be put...

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