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Don, 30. Apr 15, 16:30

Tibor Dunai (Köln): Quantifying Holocene and Anthropocene erosion rates with cosmogenic and fallout nuclides

Short-lived cosmogenic nuclides, such as in-situ produced 14C in quartz, and fallout nuclides, such as 137Cs and 239,240Pu, are particularly suited to determine Holocene and/or anthropogenic rates of soil erosion. While fallout...

Don, 30. Apr 15, 14:00

Jakob Yngvason (Vienna): Superfluidity versus Bose Einstein Condensation

Abstract:The two concepts in the title stand for two distinct quantum phenomena whose relation to one another is not obvious although they often occur together. Moreover, there is not a unique concept of superfluidity. In the...

Don, 30. Apr 15, 11:00

Walter Simon (Vienna): Initial data for rotating cosmological solutions of Einstein's equations

Abstract: Using the conformal method, we describe the construction of axially symmetric initial data on compact manifolds in vacuum with positive cosmological constant. We discuss a recent Theorem of Premoselli which yields...

Mit, 29. Apr 15, 12:30

Michael Hörzinger (Wien): Kerr-Newman-de Sitter instantons

Abstract: I will review known classes of Einstein-Maxwell instantons, and present a new class of such solutions with lens-space topology.

Die, 28. Apr 15, 16:15

Jonathan Gaunt (DESY, Hamburg): Glauber Gluons and Multiple Parton Interactions

Abstract:I will discuss two pieces of work related to Glauber modes and multiple parton interactions (MPI):1) I will show that for certain 'MPI sensitive' observables, such ashadronic transverse E_T, the standard factorisation...

Mon, 27. Apr 15, 14:00

Stefan Hollands (Leipzig): Quantum field theory in deSitter spacetime

Abstract::In this talk, I review properties of the so-called "deSitter spacetime",and some properties of quantum field theories that live on this spacetime.The investigation of such theories is highly relevant to...

Fre, 24. Apr 15, 13:00

Tim-Torben Paetz (Vienna): On the vanishing of the Mars-Simon tensor in $\Lambda>0$-vacuum space-times

Abstract: In vacuum space-times with an isometry and with $\Lambda=0$, the Mars-Simon tensor (MST) has been introduced to provide a characterization of the Kerr-NUT metrics. Moreover, it was used by Klainerman et al. to prove...

Don, 23. Apr 15, 16:30

Friedrich Wagner (EURATOM Association): On the German “Energiewende” and the major features of its future electricity system

Germany has nearly doubled its electricity supply system because more than 70 GW of wind and photovoltaic (PV) power have been added to the traditional one based on thermal power. The peak demand in Germany is about 83 GW. Under...

Don, 23. Apr 15, 14:00

Roland Donninger (Univ. Bonn): Blowup results for nonlinear wave equations

Abstract:In the last 15 years there was spectacular progress in the rigorous analysis of finite-time blowup in nonlinear wave equations. Many of these studies were actually motivated by the desire to obtain a better understanding...

Don, 23. Apr 15, 11:00

Roland Donninger (Univ. Bonn): The Cauchy problem for semilinear wave equations

Vortrag im Rahmen des Seminars in Geometric Analysis and Physics (GAP Seminar)

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